Zorge Partners Limited is
a UK-based company founded
by Vladimir Ashurkov.
Zorge Partners specialises in provision of investigative, due diligence, litigation support and consulting services. Zorge Partners team consists
of professionals who have been working together for almost a decade and have a significant professional network in business, media, banking, asset management, investigations and legal industries.



We provide a broad range of investigative services. Among them are asset tracing, background check of business partners, investigations of corruption and misconduct, open source background reviews, business history and structure reviews. Drafting of reports and press-kits.


Comprehensive assessments of reputation, estimation and sources of wealth, business and family connections of individuals. Investigations of corporate and shareholding history, asset history and beneficial ownership. Tailored risk assessment of potential investors, partners and debtors.

Full forensic and investigative support including collection, review and assessment of evidence, verification of counterparty’s evidence and arguments, disclosure review and analysis, drafting of potential claims and arguments, assistance in obtaining official records in different jurisdictions. Assistance in obtaining litigation financing.


Review and reporting on actual and historical industry developments; main actors and beneficiaries; financial statistics.


Open source research of corporate history for ongoing US-based litigation

Review of financial sector developments from a legislative standpoint.

Investigation of the alleged corruption activities of the party involved in litigation.
Review of asset-management business based on the disclosures in the ongoing UK-based litigation.

Assessment of historical financial position for ongoing UK-based litigation.

Drafting of the complaint regarding malign business practices, asset stripping and corruption.


Vladimir Ashurkov

Vladimir has over 20 years of experience

in finance, investments and asset management. He is also involved in civil society activities being an Executive Director of the non-profit Anti-Corruption Foundation established by Alexey Navalny, a prominent figure in the Russian opposition movement. Vladimir has resided in London since 2014.

During his finance and investments career he served as the Director of Group Portfolio Management and Control at Alfa Group Consortium, one of the largest Russian investment groups, between 2006–2012. Before joining Alfa Group, he worked in various positions within investment banking and transportation industries.

Vladimir received his MBA from the Wharton Business School of the University

of Pennsylvania. He also graduated from

the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Nikita Kulachenkov

Nikita has over 15 years of experience in investigations and finance. Nikita worked in the Forensic and Financial Investigations department in one of the Big4 companies, as an CEE Compliance Officer in one the largest international pharmaceutical companies and as a corruption investigator in one of the leading Russian non-profits. He also has vast experience in litigation support, asset recovery and due diligence projects.

Nikita graduated from Russian Oil&Gas University and has Certified Public Accountant (US) and Certified Internal Auditor (International) qualifications.

Vadim Insarov

Vadim has more than five years of professional legal experience. Vadim worked in the largest Russian law firms, where he specialised in real estate law, corporate and civil law. Vadim represented the interests of major international and Russian companies in courts, including in bankruptcy proceedings, and also prepared due diligence reports dedicated to real estate.

Vadim graduated from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg State University and from the Department of Legal Studies of the University of Bologna (Italy), obtaining the law degree (dottore in giurisprudenza).

In recent years, Vadim has focused on the issues of reforms of the Russian legal system, and, among other, has prepared several reports with the proposals of the Russian judicial system reforms. In the University of Bologna, Vadim’s thesis was dedicated to the impact of the economic sanctions on procedural rights in international commercial arbitration.

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